Fixed-Mobile Covergent Products 2016-11-29T10:27:00+00:00

Project Description


German Fixed Networt Operator


The combination of mobile and fixed line products promises a competitive advantage in the market or in the perception of the customer. Network providers that often offer both fixed and mobile should open up these (assumed) synergies.

Key Questions:

  • What convergent offers are perceived by the customers as relevant by USPs and lead to a measurable gain (more sales, more revenue, less churn), in the customer-relationship?
  • What IT systemic and operational requirements have to be met, to allow these cross-platform products to develop synergies?

Our Input:

  • Management of the existing fixed-mobile-convergent product portfolio as well as launching of new convergent products combining fixed, mobile, and online services
  • Responsible for the “AktivMobil” product portfolio AM100/200/300/600 including product development and pricing issues


Launch of a portfolio of Fixed-Mobile-Convergent products