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Project Description


German Mobile Network Operator


To counter the competition and to support the sales activities with attractive offers, it requires targeted promotions – challenge was to prepare these promotions in the shortest time to reach an agreement in upper management committees and finally the implementation.

Key Questions:

  • What customer insights do we need to create a successful promotion?
  • Which distinct types of promotions can we define?
  •  How can we estimate which promotions will generate the highest revenue increase?
  •  How can we communicate the defined promotions to the management committees the most efficient way?
  • What stakeholders do we have to bind in?

Our Input:

  • An intensive market research was conceptualized
  • A choice of different target aimed propositions was defined and the economic impact evaluated
  • An intern communication roadmap were created and all relevant stakeholders involved


  • 10 Promotions were successfully launched
  • Standardisation of governance process, and Tools