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Project Description


Turkish Mobile Network Operator


A Turkish Mobile Network Operator intends to enter the German Mobile market in order to address Turkish Immigrants in Germany.

Key Questions:

  • What kind of market entry barriers do exist in the German market?
  • What is the long-term strategy behind a market entry in Germany?

Will this support further market entries in Europe?

  • How to address Turkish Immigrants in Germany?
  • How about convergent offers – do they make sense?
  • What special ethnological characteristics do german-turkish people have?
  • How big is the market potential?

Our Input:

  • We performed a SWOT-Analysis on an entry scenario
  • We defined an ambitious Market Entry Concept
  • Estimated the economic impact
  • Identified potential partners for the market entry
  • Delivered a decision Proposal based on our analysis


Proposal not to enter the market has been followed