Venture Capital / Whole Food / Financials 2016-11-29T10:26:56+00:00

Project Description


German catering Start-Up delivering organic food for schools and kindergartens


Setting up a start-up company out of the investment fund’s portfolio in the area of ‘Organic-Food’

Key Questions:

  • Which suppliers are following an organic approach along their whole value chain?
  • What are the company’s financial needs concerning upcoming investments?
  • What HR organization is best suitable?
  • What is the pricing approach that should be followed?

Our Input:

  • We evaluated the value chains of the start-ups suppliers
  • We calculated a detailed business case as a basis proposal for a long-term financial plan
  • We proposed an adapted HR-Concept with high self-responsibility for employees to enhance the employees’ cooperation, identification and social awareness.


Position was quit, when the investor pushed the company too much into fixed costs and scaled it faster in productions capabilities than sales could deliver customers.