Our Concept

ConSmart is a Go-to-Market-Engine pushing innovations to the market

The commercialization of innovative concepts requires a broad set of profound experiences. The anticipation and management of market entry barriers and the creation of a success supporting environment – that’s what ConSmart does.

With its practical entrepreneurial experience, deep scientific knowledge and a wide range of intersectoral network from our consulting business our team is working ambitiously to develop products and campaigns – and therefore enabling success.

Consmart Consulting

Synergies between Consulting, Entrepreneurship and Science are enourmously value-generating. That’s why we are enganged in all these fields. Along the whole value chain we are able to grade an idea up to a product, and let it bloom by creating marketing and sales campaigns to launch the product at the market.

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Write your own success story with us!

Consmart Services

Investment opportunities

For Startups

Are you a startup and search for investors? We are happy to assist you.

Request to: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Rams

For Investors

Are you an investor and you interested in an investment in a startup? We are happy to help you to find suitable companies from our network.

Request to: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Rams

Real Estate

Would you rather invest in classic items? Then our real estate projects could be interesting for you.

Request to: Sandra Rams

Our Projects

How exactly is success defined?

Real Estate

Would you rather invest in classic items? Then our real estate projects could be interesting for you. Request to: Sandra Rams

For Investors

Are you an investor and you interested in an investment in a startup? We are happy to help you to find suitable companies from our network. Request to: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Rams

Investment opportunities

Are you a startup and search for investors? We are happy to assist you. Request to: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Rams

Mobile Telecommunications

Customer: German Telco Start-Up (DualSIM) Challenge: Starting up a sustainable business with massive budget restrictions Key Questions: What sustainable options do we have to improve the start-ups liquidity? What is the best approach to push [...]


„Productmanagement for Engineers - Idea, Strategy, Product- and Marketing Concept, Financial KPIs, Realisation/Project-management“; Deutsche Telekom AG.

Entrepreneurship / Venture Capital

Customer: German Corporate Venture Capital Company Challenge: To identify from a variety of interesting start-ups those, that can offer not only promising solutions, but also fit into the portfolio of the Group, where they can [...]

Entrepreneurship / International Roaming

Customer: Virtual Network Operator in Liechtenstein with focus on the International Roaming market Challenge: Company with high technical research skills developing a highly innovative product needs sales and marketing consultancy. Key Questions: What are potential [...]

Venture Capital / Whole Food / Financials

Customer: German catering Start-Up delivering organic food for schools and kindergartens Challenge: Setting up a start-up company out of the investment fund’s portfolio in the area of ‘Organic-Food’ Key Questions: Which suppliers are following an [...]


Gerpott, T. J. / Rams, W. / Schindler, A. (2001): Customer retention, loyalty, and satisfaction in the German mobile cellular telecommunications market. In: Telecommunications Policy, 25: 249-269.

Mobile Telecommunications

Customer: Swiss Mobile Virtual Network Operator (Naka AG / allnetSim) Challenge: Company with high technical research skills developing a highly innovative product needs sales and marketing consultancy. Key Questions: How is the target customer segment [...]

Entrepreneurship / Venture Capital

Customer: Innovative companies with unsatisfied demand for capital and Venture seeking Investors. Challenge: Identifying most promising business ideas from the multitude ideas and to unite the entrepreneurs with a suitable investor. Key Questions: Is the [...]

Lecture E

„Selbstmanagement“; Provadis School of International Management and Technology AG Frankfurt a. Main.


The Cerafon SIM card is a prepaid card that allows you to make calls in 33 European countries at a unit price of 9.9 cents mobile-to-mobile. All places. All destinations......read more


Rams, W. (2001): Kundenbindung im deutschen Mobilfunkmarkt – Determinanten und Erfolgsfaktoren in einem dynamischen Marktumfeld. Wiesbaden: DUV.

Corporate Development and Strategy

Customer: Consulting / German Mobile Network Operator Challenge: In a dynamic market, which gave reason to expect enormous potential for growth, the task was to develop and implement a strategy without interfering into the dynamic [...]


Customer: German Mobile Network Operator Challenge: To counter the competition and to support the sales activities with attractive offers, it requires targeted promotions - challenge was to prepare these promotions in the shortest time to [...]

Vodafone – Enterprise

Customer: German Mobile Network Operator (Vodafone - Enterprise) Challenge: When merging a mobile and a fixed line provider synergies should be used and special, convergent products launched to market. Key Questions: How can the processes [...]

Lecture C

„Business Planning“; Provadis School of International Management and Technology AG Frankfurt a. Main.

Fixed-Mobile Covergent Products

Customer: German Fixed Networt Operator Challenge: The combination of mobile and fixed line products promises a competitive advantage in the market or in the perception of the customer. Network providers that often offer both fixed [...]


Gerpott, T. J. / Rams, W. (2000): Kundenbindung, -loyalität und -zufriedenheit im deutschen Mobilfunkmarkt: Ergebnisse einer empirischen Studie. In: Die Betriebswirtschaft, 60: 738-755.

Strategy / Location Based Services

Customer: German Mobile Network Operator Challenge: Definition of a product strategy for Location Based Services Key Questions: What are the relevant customer segments for location based services? What customer insights do we need to create [...]

Lecture B

„Technology- and Innovation Management“; Provadis School of International Management and Technology AG Frankfurt a. Main.

Product Mangement / Trainings

Customer: German Fixed Networt Operator Challenge: In a highly innovative market a basic understanding of technical fundamentals is an important expertise of a product manager. That’s why many employees with a technical background work in [...]


Gerpott, T. J. / Rams, W. (2001): Bindung, Loyalität und Zufriedenheit von Geschäftskunden im deutschen Mobilfunkmark. In: Telekom Praxis, 78(2): 11-22.

Turkish Mobile Network

Customer: Turkish Mobile Network Operator Challenge: A Turkish Mobile Network Operator intends to enter the German Mobile market in order to address Turkish Immigrants in Germany. Key Questions: What kind of market entry barriers do [...]

Device Management

Customer: Spanish Online Portal Challenge: A tense internal team situation impeded the introduction of products in order to renewal the unprofitable and inefficient Hardware business. Key Questions: How can we improve the procurement processes for [...]


Gerpott, T. J. / Rams, W. (1999): Kundenbindung, -loyalität und -zufriedenheit im deutschen Mobilfunkmarkt: Ergebnisse einer empirischen Kausalanalyse, ZfTM-Work in Progress Papier Nr. 7, Duisburg: ZfTM.

Conformance Testing

Customer: German Mobile Network Operator Challenge: Testing of mobile network components to Guarantee of flawless function Key Questions: What tests and test systems do we need and perform to assure the interworking between Radio Network [...]

Process and customer care management

Customer: Swiss Consulting firm Challenge: The documentation of processes is seen by many companies as a tedious and ultimately unnecessary measure. Dynamic environments are in conflict with a detection of the changing status quo. The [...]

Lecture A

„(Telecommunication) Industry Sector specific Management“; Provadis School of International Management and Technology AG Frankfurt a. Main.

Customer Retention

Customer: German Mobile Network Operator Challenge: With high devices subsidies, customers with expiring contracts become motivated to finish their old contract and to sign a new - again subsidize - contract. The challenge was to [...]

Multi Channel

Customer: German Mobile Network Operator Challenge: In context to one of the major mergers at the German Telco market between a Mobile Provider and a Cable TV company a harmonization and integration of product and [...]

Lecture D

„Industrielle Management Systems“; Provadis School of International Management and Technology AG Frankfurt a. Main.

eCommerce / Internet Sales

Customer: German Mobile Network Operator Challenge: The online marketing/sales channel is one of the most innovative and future-orientated sales channels in a common marketing mix. Therefore, steady investments and the acquisition of budget and attention [...]

(Y)our Leader Team

It is not the strongest of the species that survives,
it is the one that is the most adaptable.
– Charles Darwin –

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Rams
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang RamsCEO / Founder
Before founding Consmart in 2007, Wolfgang was engaged in several countries in management positions.
Among others In Poland as Director of Strategy at Polska Telefonia and as a consultant in product management in Spain for Ya.com (T-Online) in Madrid, Spain. Prior to that, he held a position as a senior investment manager at T-Venture where he analysed and conducted several innovative start-ups, and was chair holder at the supervisory boards of promising ventures. He is well connected to the Venture Capital scene. Before that position he worked 10 years for Deutsche Telekom/T-Mobile in severeal product management positions.

Wolfgang is a Professor for Marketing & Sales as well as Technology & Innovations at Provadis School of International Management and Technology. Furthermore he has an engineer’s degree from the Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule (RWTH) Aachen, a degree in Business Administration (Diplom) from FernUniversität Hagen and a Ph.D. in Marketing awarded by Mercator School of Management Universität Duisburg-Essen, Prof. T.J. Gerpott.

Wolfgang is fluent in German and English. He also has basic knowledge in Spanish, French and Polish.

Dragan Zivkovic
Dragan ZivkovicCTO / Head of Technology
He started his professional career as Deputy by the Technical Director in a Printing company.
After that he worked for HP in the IT-Sector Hard- and Software, Networks, IP-Video. Later he was moved to Web and Graphic Design (PHP, HTML, SEO, CSS, CMS, PSD Slice) Animation and 3D Visualizations.

Before he came to Consmart he worked for many years in a Graphic Studio where he was responsible for projecting and programing Websites. Also he has a lot of experience in Graphic design and movie animation.

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